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We consider our Sales People as the most valuable resource and as such provide our staff with a fun work environment, excellent career opportunities, and exciting targets that will progress your career with us.

Some of the work benefits we provide include:
  • Multiple association options – employee, business or company
  • Rapid performance-based growth
  • Personalised rewards for utmost motivation
  • Personalised targets for motivation not pressure
  • Dynamic team culture
  • Open door policy – open communication
  • Up-to-date/Ongoing training
  • Flexible hours and location

If you want to be a part of our Sales and Consultancy team, feel free to contact us or send your resume

Become a salesperson Sales and Marketing is a great career choice!! More often than not, personal flair plays a more important role in the selection for this role than your qualifications and work experience.

Many opt for this career to gain high performance-oriented income – which means you can view instant results of your performance. It is important to know that direct selling is not ‘easy income’ and anyone who promises that is unrealistic and misleading you. Those who have the gift of the gab, ‘can-do’ attitude, and high self-motivation can certainly achieve great heights in this field.

Successful sales professionals who are making a generous income have worked hard to achieve the level of success and thoroughly understand their product portfolio, market trends, set achievable goals and work consistently and persistently to attain their goals.

Sales and marketing offers excellent flexibility. Once you are a trained professional, you will discover that the number of hours spent doing this job has little to do with the final result. You will earn your targeted income in just a few hours by focussing on the right consumers and offering right solutions.

This position is suitable for you if:
  • You are seeking flexibility at work
  • You are seeking high performance-oriented income
  • You are tired of monotonous job roles
  • You are ambitious and looking for great heights
  • You are result-oriented and people’s person
  • You have taken early retirement but can’t resist an opportunity to work
  • You love travelling and meeting new people every day
To discuss further you may call us or Apply Here Start your own business Starting your own business in sales is a great opportunity for those who enjoy working autonomously on their own terms. This opportunity requires you to hold your own ABN and work independently as a Sales Contractor. You will decide how you should run your business. We may provide you a framework required by us including the product portfolio, service requirements, compliance regulations and also offer courses you may be interested to develop knowledge about the products and services.

Many people choose this option due to flexibility, independence and higher compensation. You must note that we do not offer any employee benefits including superannuation or leave and you are liable to pay your own Tax (ABN, PAYG, etc.).

This is suitable for you if:
  • You have sales and marketing experience
  • You are seeking independence at work
  • You are seeking a flexible location/working hours
  • You are looking to earn extra-income
  • You are aiming at starting your own direct sales company
  • You live far from the metropolitan areas
  • You do not prefer coming to the office everyday
To discuss further you may call us or Apply Here

Start your own company We make it possible for you to start your own company and be associated with us as a Channel Partner or Sub-Dealer. Depending on the terms, you have a broader product portfolio and may deal with multiple projects or companies at the same time. Remember that this option is not only higher compensation with higher authority and independence but also more responsibility and risks.

As an independent company, you will hire your own sales people who work for you. It is important for us to know who will represent our products and services. Hence, we may want to know who your sales people are and perform reference checks on them. On a regular basis, we will be dealing with one representative of the company preferably the owner/director.

Before you start your own company, you must ensure that you are well-versed with the compliance regulations you are required to follow as a company including the Corporation Law, Workers Compensation, Superannuation Contributions, Australian Business Number, Occupational Health and Safety, Business Activity Statement, Goods and Services Tax, Pay As You Go Tax, and Fringe Benefits Tax.

This is suitable for you if:
  • You are an existing direct sales business owner
  • Your company or you have experience in the industry
  • You have the resources to run your own company
  • You are able to hire your own people
  • You abide by compliance regulations related to a company
To discuss further you may call us or Apply Here

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